Why Bother with Routine Maintenance of your Commercial Refrigeration Unit?

Installing a commercial refrigeration system requires time, effort, and resources to protect important materials. Commercial refrigeration systems are complicated and can have errors that result in broken seals, burst gaskets, water leaks, frost buildup, broken fans, coils, compressors, and numerous other components. Routine maintenance can help avoid many of these issues by identifying issues before … More Why Bother with Routine Maintenance of your Commercial Refrigeration Unit?

Why should I want to work at McCook Mechanical Services?

McCook Mechanical Services is in search of commercial HVAC technicians. Commercial HVAC technicians repair, maintain and install comfort systems such as air conditioning systems, furnaces, boilers, ductless systems, and heat pump systems. Commercial HVAC is a steadily growing industry in the United States and may be the right career choice for you! A career in … More Why should I want to work at McCook Mechanical Services?

ISO Trained HVAC Mechanics

McCook, Nebraska is in southwest Nebraska. We are approximately 30 minutes from the Kansas border and 60 minutes from the Colorado border. McCook is centrally located with Cheyenne, Omaha, and Denver approximately 4 hours’ drive. The city encompasses a little over 5-miles and has a population of about 7,500. We are a progressive community with … More ISO Trained HVAC Mechanics

Boiler Safety

Winter means an increase in boiler accidents. Proper care and maintenance of your boiler can reduce hazards that result in accident like low water levels, excessive pressure, and combustible gases in the firebox. Most routine maintenance can be done by the boiler owner however trained professional are needed in the following circumstances:• Leaky safety valves• … More Boiler Safety

What is Air Exchange

Air exchange is the measure of how many times the air in a room is replaced by conditioned air in an hour.  Why do we care? The conditioning of air does more than just change the temperature of the air. It changes the moisture level, removes dust particles, and adds fresh air to a room. … More What is Air Exchange

Ice Machine Diagnosis

A common mistake made by HVAC/R technicians in ice machine diagnostics is thinking ice build up in the machine is caused by low refrigerant charge.  While ice build up can be a sign of low charge, it is always a sign of low pressure.   Problem: The technician is called about a machine not keeping up … More Ice Machine Diagnosis

True Costs to Replace

This week I would like to discuss a problem near and dear to my heart: the argument of replacing vs repairing equipment which is influenced by the technician’s ability to troubleshoot.  Whether you are a maintenance manager or business owner, I will bet you have encountered this scenario in your career:   You call a … More True Costs to Replace

Compressor Frost

As a follow up on the Ice Machine Diagnosis post, I would like to bring your attention to a good article I read recently in the February 5, 2018 issue of the NEWS, a multimedia publication focusing on air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration.  The article, Is Frost Accumulation Acceptable?, by John Tomczyk, provides tips for larger unit … More Compressor Frost