Ice Machine Diagnosis

A common mistake made by HVAC/R technicians in ice machine diagnostics is thinking ice build up in the machine is caused by low refrigerant charge.  While ice build up can be a sign of low charge, it is always a sign of low pressure.   Problem: The technician is called about a machine not keeping up … More Ice Machine Diagnosis

True Costs to Replace

This week I would like to discuss a problem near and dear to my heart: the argument of replacing vs repairing equipment which is influenced by the technician’s ability to troubleshoot.  Whether you are a maintenance manager or business owner, I will bet you have encountered this scenario in your career:   You call a … More True Costs to Replace

Compressor Frost

As a follow up on the Ice Machine Diagnosis post, I would like to bring your attention to a good article I read recently in the February 5, 2018 issue of the NEWS, a multimedia publication focusing on air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration.  The article, Is Frost Accumulation Acceptable?, by John Tomczyk, provides tips for larger unit … More Compressor Frost

A Clean Condenser

The condenser, one of the four major parts of a refrigeration system, is designed to remove heat from the high-pressure refrigerant gas, producing a high-pressure refrigerant liquid.  In a typical air-cooled system, whether chiller, refrigerator, or air handling system, this forced air process does more than just condensing.  This air also serves as cooling for … More A Clean Condenser