Why should I want to work at McCook Mechanical Services?

McCook Mechanical Services is in search of commercial HVAC technicians. Commercial HVAC technicians repair, maintain and install comfort systems such as air conditioning systems, furnaces, boilers, ductless systems, and heat pump systems. Commercial HVAC is a steadily growing industry in the United States and may be the right career choice for you!

A career in commercial HVAC offers the opportunity, in McCook, Nebraska to live in a small but progressive community with job stability. Commercial businesses and government facilities need HVAC services all year long, this is not a seasonal career. Career progression for HVAC technicians is limited only by the individual’s desire to grow; McCook Mechanical Services offers incentives for career advancement with continuing education, on-the-job training, travel, and supervision level opportunities available.

Worried about boredom or lack of career advancement? McCook Mechanical Services is a versatile company that offers a vast array of career opportunities. Through training, certifications, hard work and determination your career in HVAC can transition into advancement from general laborer to installer to service technician, supervisor, and operations manager. Most days technicians work in a variety of location with new problems to solve every day! Our current technicians will tell you that they learn something new every day.

Employment with McCook Mechanical Services provides employees with opportunities to travel. We service private businesses and government facilities throughout the tri-state area. Our recent past business efforts have included the States of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Take this opportunity to see some country, expand your skills, and make money while you do it!

Come see us to explore career opportunities at McCook Mechanical Services. You can apply online at jobs@mccookmechanical.com or call 719-640-4510 to make an appointment to discuss your options today!