A Clean Condenser

The condenser, one of the four major parts of a refrigeration system, is designed to remove heat from the high-pressure refrigerant gas, producing a high-pressure refrigerant liquid.  In a typical air-cooled system, whether chiller, refrigerator, or air handling system, this forced air process does more than just condensing.  This air also serves as cooling for the electrical components, including compressors and fan motor producing the air flow.  So neglecting to clean the normal buildup of dirt and debris (carefully with brush, vacuum, and/or water, you sure don’t want to damage the fins) from a condenser not only reduces the ability of the system to function as designed, the raised temperatures from the system also raise the temperatures being used to cool the electrical components driving the system, resulting in abnormal stress , wear, and usually reduced lifespan of the parts designed to keep the system operating.